Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Siblings Impacting Siblings

As a parent we need to take every opportunity to share with our children.  Sometimes it is about nurturing the conversations and guiding them.  Or it is helping a sibling be the one to share with another sibling.   Often the best conversations take place at times you didn't plan.  I pray that God will always give me ears to HEAR opportunity to share with my children whether they are 4, 11, or 21! I pray that God will give my children ears to HEAR opportunity to share with their siblings, friends, and co-workers.

I think the little boys are learning if you aren't goofy and really talk at stays engaged in the conversation and bedtime is postponed. 

What a joy tonight for the conversation to be about our risen Savior.  One boy asking a question and the other two would reply as they glance at me to see if they got it right.  Sometimes you let the conversation flow and God moves in a special way.  Trying not to interfere with too much correcting and letting the conversation flow from child to child as God opens their heart you realize we are there to guide but God does all the work.

I loved hearing the 4 year old talk about if we die God will make us live forever, to which the 11 year old explained the difference in life on earth and heaven, while the 8 year old explained what sin is...was a precious thing to witness.  Listening to the 11 year old talk about his sister sharing Christ with him you realize siblings have huge impact!  Knowing that 14 year old sister who shared with her younger brother has had her 21 year old sister as her small group leader the last few years...your mom heart sees these precious children loving their siblings in Christ!  I've heard from the 14 year old sister about her 15 year old brother encouraging her in her walk.  I know the 20 year old sister and her 17 year old brother have a unique bond that pushes them closer to Christ.  I pray God will continue to give my children opportunity to bless one another, bless others and bless THIS mom!  Who knew years ago that first conversation with our first born about who's the BOSS would lead to all these intertwined relationships with one another, sibling impacting sibling... 

God did! 

It was our job to give opportunity for those conversations. 
It was our job to lead the way to Christ. 
It was our job to challenge them to not only love others but to love your siblings. 
It was our be obedient in teaching them truth and then get out of the way and let God! 
I don't know when our 8 year old and his 4 year old brother will come to Christ.  But what I do know...God is after them!  Thank you Lord for another conversation about LOVE we can barely fathom and the GRACE you so freely give!  

God has intertwined our relationships and uses each of us to impact another...the question is which way is our impact?  Towards Christ or Away?  

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  1. So thankful God is allowing you to have this "exclusive" time with the 3 "little" boys! Soon, too soon, they'll also be out of the nest. LOVE YOU!