Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When Will It Be Easy

I just had the opportunity to attend a D6 Conference!  Check out the find out what D6 is all about!  It was fabulous!

I was challenged, motivated, humbled, and inspired all at once! 

As I sat there realizing how this parenting task is not easy and so much bigger than me, I loved the question that one of the speakers asked, "When in the Bible did God ever give an easy task?"

Think about it!
  • David and Goliath
  • Noah and the ark
  • Joseph as a slave
  • Moses leading the  people
  • Daniel and the lions den
  • Abraham sacrifice his son
  • Jesus on the cross
  • ...the list could go on!
Parents, we have been asked to complete a task that apart from God we will not be able to achieve.  It is a task that is bigger than us.  It is a task that is NOT easy.  Future generations are at stake!  God placed a couple of people in my life for me to make big impact.  He didn't ask me to change hundreds!  And yet, with focus on these few...hundreds of lives can be changed.  Our view is so small because we just see our child, this moment, and that frustration.  (What if David saw the giant and quit?  What if Noah thought the idea of a boat was ridiculous?  What if Moses refused to lead the people because they whine too much?  What if Jesus never gave His life on the cross?)  We need to look beyond the distractions, beyond the frustrations, beyond today.   

I don't know about you, but THAT challenged me!  I think most of us want to do something that matters!  Something that goes beyond our life.  Look around you...those kids that are driving you nuts, suck all the energy out of you, and send you to your knees because you can't decide what is what!...those lives...matter!

You CAN make a difference!  You have been asked to play a big role in these little lives! These children ARE our future!  It is NOT a small task to mold, shape, and develop a human!   So why do we keep looking for the easy road?

These children may frustrate me but I would rather deal with the frustration than to not have them at all.  I am honored to take on a task that is bigger than me!  Things that matter most are often...NEVER...EASY!

So when will it be easy?  Ummm...never!

If it was easy...would I need God? 

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