Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things That Happen... a Large Family!
  • there will be 20 shoes by the front door!  That is if everyone only left 1 pair there!
  • the dishwasher will run 3+ times a day!
  • the washing machine NEVER stops!  IF it does...someone is in trouble!
  • nearly impossible to find a clean towel!
  • the majority of things will NEVER be put back in their right spot!  They don't realize MOM has a system!
  • dad's weekend is full of repairing everyones stuff that broke through the week!
  • mom doesn't have a weekend!
  • the little kids have 7 parents not just 2!
  • the teens never think mom and dad are parenting!  WE like to tell them we did our job...did you lead well?  HAHA
  • more than 1 car will be out of gas!  
  • instead of 1 dirty car (because teens lack cleaning ability) we have 5!
  • someone needs new socks
  • someone needs new shoes
  • someone needs more shirts
  • someone doesn't have any jeans
  • ...all the above happens on a continuous cycle because somebody is growing!
  • someone took someone else's stuff and didn't return it!  Imagine that!
  • with all the people that live in this home we still can't conquer the "wasn't me"  phrase that is used!  YOU would think someone would have seen something!
  • mom will go to the store 3 times a week and they will still complain about lack of food!
  • the son stuck on trash duty will think life is unfair!  True...he will take trash out twice a day!
  • when the house is a mess they will blame the little guys!  YET when the teens are stays clean! 
  • I can always find someone willing to play cards or a game
  • our house is full of laughter
  • you can't get bored because in 5 minutes someone will propose a Sonic run, Starbucks trip, or Tropical Smoothie treat!
  • or...someone will head to the field for ultimate frisbee, or to the court for basketball, or toss football in the street!
  • or...there will be some dilemma to solve...a crying child, a frustrated teen, or overwhelmed college student!
  • there will be early morning chats with the little guys
  • late night conversations with the older kids
  • mom and dad...will become creative at creating couple time to chat
  • you will go crazy when they are all home
  • but when they are all will crave the moment they come back in, stir things up, and make life ENTERTAINING!

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