Sunday, September 23, 2012

You're An Air Head

I am reminded once again the importance of listening and discovery what questions kids are really asking or what are kids really saying.

Driving in the car with 5 kids we hear the 4 year old announce to his sister and her friend, "Ya'll are Air Heads!"  This brought about a quick reply, "No we aren't and that's NOT nice!"

As any 4 year old does when they realize they got a rise out of you...he repeats his previous statement.

As any girls would do to a statement like that...they protested even more!

Driving I am trying to decide when to step into this conversation.  Praying my 4 year old will be polite and not be so rude to my daughter and her friend I tell him NOT to say that again because it isn't nice.  Knowing he is still on the verge of laughing and not conforming to our wishes.  I ask him if he knows what that means.  Figuring if he realized how rude it was he wouldn't say something like that to the girls.

ME:        Brady do you know what Air Heads means?

Brady:    YES

Me:        What does it mean?  (as the girls are quite happy I have stepped into this conversation!)

Me:        Repeat...Brady what does Air Heads mean?

Brady:    Candy!

The entire car:  laughing our heads off!

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