Friday, September 14, 2012

Smiles Can Be Found In The Handwriting

If you are teaching your kids to write penmanship or cursive you have probably experienced the child who has an emotional break down, erases until the paper is torn, scribbles the 'whats-it' out of the page, or just flat refuses to try.  Seems so silly for such an easy task for them to lose it.  And yet, it IS a BIG deal to them!

 5 weeks ago
10 year old...mad boy...hates writing

Kids don't want to be wrong, they hate for it to be hard, and they are miserable when out of their control.  Hmm...sounds like adults too.

We found a simple trick to combat the emotional dealings of penmanship and cursive.  (15 years ago...I was desperate and called out to the Lord, "How in the world am I gonna do THIS everyday...if she keeps falling apart!").   Before morning, I had my answer.....He said, "Do you like someone to point out what you fail at?"  Obvious answer...NO!

That started our journey to do your best and we will circle the very BEST one you did.  Doesn't have to be perfect...I am going for effort!  We sit together and vote on the 'best letter' on each line, then circle the very best one.  Gives them something to aim towards.  Amazing what a few short weeks can do with their penmanship or cursive.   Child has fun because we find something to praise.  I have fun because the child is eager to sit with me to 'find the very best one'!  Happy child...Happy mom! 

5 weeks later
10 year old boy...not complaining, getting work done,...not a bad job!

....This has been our chosen method for 7 of our children so far.  Found a method that works for us so we are sticking with it!  If there is an obvious issue with their writing, then after we find the best ones I give them a pointer or two... they have always been receptive to hearing since changing to this method.   If it is just the occasional mess up, or sloppy moment I ignore it and focus on 'the very best one'!  It the trend continues then we address it.  Usually...I never have to address it because they want kudos from mom!

Their favorite thing to hear from me, "Wow, your writing is so good I can't decide which one is the best one!" The smile on their face....says it all!

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