Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Too Much Tech

I haven't blogged in months and now I am going to vent!

Its Christmas and all I want to do is play but instead I am left with grading school, fixing schedules, organizing our chaos (ONCE AGAIN), washing laundry, and cleaning dishes. But this isn't what is making me crazy! Its log in, usernames, passwords, emails, bank accounts, codes, codes, and more codes!

If it isn't codes and passwords then I am out of paper or ink for the printer. Then move on to a website and now the browser won't let me view the page I need to download. Next up trying to update email and it won't let me update the email which means 3 phone calls for support only to have a trouble ticket and now I am back to waiting 2 more days for completion! Apparently my time frame of get it done and move on, is NOT in my near future!

So, instead of stopping and enjoying a game of Canasta or Hand and Foot with the kids, I get to play with the weight of the UNDONE on my shoulders! I didn't stay up til 4:00a.m. last night to NOT get my list done...and YET...it is so!

I can't seem to win today!
So I shed a tear or two, vent to my college daughters, blog my troubles and NOW...I go play! I hope I win so I can say something went right. I know its sad...I want to beat the daylights out of my 7 year old and 9 year old in games! WHAT kind of Mother am I?

Here's to better day tomorrow!
How are your technological issues?

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