Sunday, October 16, 2011

Church Outside

We didn't quite make it to church today but that didn't stop us from worshiping. I love a man who leads the home!

Teens were able to go but the Lil' guys and us stayed home.

Grabbing our Bibles, a couple of cokes (special occasion), and camping chairs we dug into God's word on the back deck.

They were able to practice their reading skills while learning how to find chapters in the Bible. Even the toddler sat semi-still for a few minutes. Of course he did begin to shuffle every one's drinks around. Not sure if we ended up with the drink we started with or not.

It was a blessing to hear them grasp the meaning of being the salt of the earth.

Their prayers touched our hearts to hear them pray from theirs. Sad we missed The Summit but so very thankful we did not miss out on church at home! It was a beautiful day of digging into God's word, watching the leaves fall from the trees, feeling the sweet gentle breeze on our skin, and hearing my Lil' men pray!

Lord, help us lead them well all of our days!

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