Friday, September 16, 2011

Leading Them To or Away?

Our struggles can lead others to Christ or away!

Where do your struggles lead others?

I am reminded yet again how my response can affect those I am around. Whether it be a friend that hears about my bad day, pain with RA (which I see very little of these days *happy dance*), my mom that hears my complaining heart, or a child that gets bashed by my words just because I am in overload.

Its easy for others to see our praises when we are jumping for JOY when everything in the world is right! How does that lead anyone to Christ? Not that we shouldn't give God the praises during those times. I am just under the idea that God can use my life more to encourage others in the midst of my pain and struggles (James 1:2 says, "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trial of many kinds,..."). When everything is right its easy to follow Christ. But when our world is in turmoil others can't help but be drawn to the woman or man that rest in the knowledge that everything will be okay (that doesn't mean pain free or hassle free) means God has a purpose we often don't know. Could that purpose be more for others than just me?

We need to be courageous and bold, share our struggles, cry our tears and then move that into thankfulness and resting in Christ. The world sees enough people running around FAKE and pretending all is right. To act like my world is perfect would be a lie. It also shoves God out of the picture. But when I can share about my weakness (not in defeat) and let God carry my burdens, heal my pain, or bring peace in the midst of it all...then others see Christ, NOT me.

We have a world that is falling apart from fires, droughts, nuclear plant failures, diseases, famine, debt, moral issues, death. What is my life is showing them? Do they see a woman living in peace?

I am definitely NOT saying I have it together! Oh my...I fail more times than I care to admit. I worry about the fires, the nuclear plants alarm me, RA is never far from my thoughts and heaven knows with 10 people in one home I will NEVER be ahead! There are more conflicts than I care to share, and my work will never be done. As soon as these things appear I pray that God will remind me of His grace!

Don't avoid what is happening but nor live in defeat!
But Jesus said, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9
As a christian for us to say we can't find the good in any situation is hard for me to comprehend. We have a Savior who sent His Son to die on a cross FOR me! You want your situation to change? Look to the Father! You might be surprised when you look to Him and see the event, issue, or pain through His eyes in light of eternity, you just might gain a different perspective.

Whether I am talking with other women, sharing with my husband, or raising my children; am I leading them to Christ or away?

My response and reactions will always say more than my words will ever convey!

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