Friday, August 26, 2011

Home School vs Another School

Life is full of decisions and our decision to home school has been one that God has used for our family.

All families have to make the choice of where God leads them. I would encourage anyone to look at homeschooling but that doesn't mean all need to do it. I see too many people that feel the pressure if we don't home school then maybe they are less spiritual or less capable. NO! The measure of your walk is seeking HIM! Not homeschooling or doing what we 'think' are right things to be a godly christian.

I love how God loves us where we are at! It is our human brains that put these crazy standards that define our christian walk. God just ask us to glorify Him. We should follow with the fruits of the spirit but is there an exact measure of each of those? I'm not sure there is because God looks at us EACH so uniquely. The ingredients are the same, but the measurement is different as we are all at different point in our walk! YOU are unique!

It's like we paint a picture of the perfect christian mom. And I promise that just because you home school does NOT put you in this category.

Whether you are running kids to school or running from subject to subject in your own house, we are still moms that have to walk in grace, invest in our children, and put our pants on one leg at a time! (Although I would say if you take them to school you may actually put your pants on sooner than me!)

I don't always know why God takes us all down separate paths. I just know that He does!

It isn't for me to judge whether another family is doing God's will or not. Good grief! Its a full time job just to make sure I am walking where God is leading in my own life! Nor is it someone elses to judge me if my kids aren't in traditional school.

I want my children to see God's call as unique on their lives. Not everyone is asked to be a missionary. Not everyone is asked to have 8 kids. Not everyone is asked to be a teacher. Not everyone is asked to be a mom. We need to seek what God has in store for us and move forward.

What we do is really more about how He can work through us. And for some reason He asked me to home school my children. And if you are a family that has chosen to put your kids in school, for some reason He can use you more there than at home. We are only at fault or lacking when we did not seek what God is asking us to do.

If God has asked you to Home School or whether He has pointed you in another direction for you kids education, move forward in Joy. He is more concerned with our responses. I don't know that in life there is just ONE way to do things. I do think there is just ONE way to the Lord. Other than that, all our stories are different. All our paths are unique. But there is no denying that we are ALL loved!

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