Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Boy and A Girl

What happens when a boy finds a girl and a girl likes the boy?
What happens when they decide there is no other that can complete them like "that" person?
What happens when they commit their lives to one another?
What happens when they desire to meet the needs of the other person over their own?

A marriage of 21 years and still going!

I won't say our life is perfect without problems, because you can't live on this planet or with a fellow sinner and not have some issues. I will say we have a marriage that seeks to become one, more and more each year. If you are driving a car and you coast, it won't be driving straight down the road for long. If you think about it, marriage is the same.

To get married and then believe you can ride it out to the end of your days, I think you will find either you are living separate lives or you may not be married anymore. There is no coasting in marriage if you want a satisfying relationship with your spouse!

I'm thankful I married a man that desires what I do...a marriage that seeks to serve, a friendship that beats all others, a decision to make this work, and a home that accepts and loves without judgement.

We have hardly ever gotten to celebrate our anniversary on the right day (this year will be no different) but that has never kept us from celebrating our marriage. We take what we can get and enjoy every minute of it.

After a full day of missing each other, this is the text I receive this afternoon while we were still playing phone tag.

"Happy Anniversary!"
I love how we love each other and what a wonderful life you have given me. I felt lucky to have you then and even luckier now! These 21 years have flown by and yet I can hardly think of my life before you. It's like you've always been with me...I like that... It's as it should be. -all my love!
...yep, that is worth waiting for Mr. Right!

If you are looking for Mr. Right...don't rush or settle for 2nd best.
If you are married and you realize you are coasting...put a little focus on your marriage and reap the benefits.

Here are a couple of suggestions to put you back on track:
Enjoy connecting to your spouse! You won't regret the investment!

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  1. Indeed you two are fully, completely totally and forever in love...and that's plain to see for all who know you! Congratulations on 21 years...and counting! Blessings to you and yours!