Thursday, March 24, 2011

More IS Caught Than Taught

I love watching SOME of the things my children learn. You aren't a parent for long before you realize your kids will catch more from what you do than what you say.

Last night after having my pity party about us never going on a vacation, we took the younger 1/2 of our children to the movies. A special treat because they may only get to a theater once a year.

After seeing the show we gathered our left over popcorn, picked up our empty cups, and begin the process of walking out of the theater. Having each of your 4 kids wanting to talk to you at the same time does not make it an easy process to leave. Everyone wants to share their favorite part. On our way out the door my 2 year old grabs the door and then holds it open as he announces, "It's for MOM!' "It's for MOM!"

Yes, you can picture the smile on my face!

The laughter of the crowd behind us watching this miniature human being open the door for towering adults. More importantly his focus to take care of his mom, melted my heart!

At that moment you can't deny he has caught something from his dad and brothers.

Who teaches their 2 year old to open doors. I'm usually eager for them to get out of the way so I CAN open a door. It never fails as you arrive home and all 6 kids stand in front of you trying to open the front door. They proceed to shout, push, and grab as they say, "who has the key?"

"I do if you will get out of the way I might be able to open it!"

I am busy being mom and not realizing that my 2 year old has caught a behavior that I adore!

What woman/mom does not want to be cared for?
What mom does not find pleasure in her husband and sons helping her through life?
What mom would not find great satisfaction seeing her 2 year old already know how to own up to being a man.

I may not get fancy vacations but I do have children that inspire me and a husband that leads by example every day!

I think I will take that over vacations.

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