Monday, January 3, 2011

Entertaining The Masses

Wow! Our family has definitely celebrated Christmas, life, and Christ birth! We have partied like there is no tomorrow and we are now in recovery mode. I wonder how long it's gonna take me to get our life back in order?

We had 37 people in our home at one time for multiple days, guest for over 2 weeks, mountains of laundry were done, food was prepared, and people were entertained. I love the fact I have a husband that opens up his domain, welcomes the loss of his privacy and enjoys the insane chaos in which we live!

You know there is more to manage than you can handle when you are looking at 27 pillows, 74 plus shoes at one time, and over 12 dozen eggs for 4 days! It is amazing how much activity one house can hold. We are thankful the floor in our home didn't collapse from all the activity. And it is priceless to have the friendship and love we all have for one another. We truly feel blessed!

We are in the process of putting life back in order! I have a feeling this will take the entire week to accomplish. (Praise the Lord for homeschooling so I can move school back another week!) You gotta know you are gonna be behind when you are faced with 7 out of 8 kids SICK! I suppose I am very grateful that we were well while everyone was here. We are playing movies non-stop, sleeping when we can, and slowly putting things back in their place. I still hate the tree taking down process. It isn't near as fun tearing things down like it was putting it all up! I still have bills to pay, hair cuts to give, and school to plan! That doesn't include grocery shopping AGAIN! Returns of wrong purchases or finding a spot for our new found gifts. None of this includes the garage being organized ONE MORE TIME or the countless leaves that have fallen since our last raking! About a gazillion laundry loads are left in our floor, bathrooms to clean, and closets to sort. I totally feel like we are moving into a new home without the excitement of moving into a new home! Meetings to plan, doctor appointments to make and Bible Studies to start. Tennis will begin, the van mobile will be in motion shuffling kids here and there, and once this toddlers fever breaks I am sure he will be back on FULL destruction mode. Oh yes, I AM BEHIND with no catching up in sight! Welcome back to REALITY!

I've learned that when I see the endless lists of things to be done my human side can become rather ANXIOUS! This typically means "a mom losing all control of her emotions if I don't walk with Christ!"

I'm learning to remember that God is more concerned about my heart! That my responses and my actions bring glory to Him than my list being checked off!

I'm in the process of taking one step at a time and hopefully as we walk through the jungle of life I will have made a greater impact on my kids heart than just giving them clean closets and organized toys!

How's it going getting back to YOUR REALITY?

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