Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Losing My Mind

I knew life was busy and I don't quite have the memory I seemed to remember having years ago. But visiting the neurologist with my dad yesterday may have revealed more than I care to know!

My dad is faced with Parkinson's and as we all know, or will eventually find out, that growing old doesn't feel good at times. Faced with a move to a new state and then the joy of locating all new doctors I am thankful I am able to walk this road with my parents.

Well, I was thankful, until it revealed I've got issues! LOL

I have discovered that if it was me being evaluated by the neurologist, I might not pass as well as my dad did!

It seemed simple enough until you realize she is evaluating his mind with questions like...

  • What is today's date? (I had NO idea!)
  • What year was it? (It took me a second to realize we are still in 2010!)
  • What is the latest headline news? (If it doesn't deal with diapers, marriages or teen conflict I couldn't tell you!)

Man...I was 0/3 at this point and dad was 2/3! He said 2011 and I agreed!

Then she shares a list with him of 3 words that he has to repeat and then commit to memory and she will ask him to recall it later. Something like car, move, food. She goes on with her evaluation and then about 5 minutes later ask him to recall the 3 things she told him to remember.

Let's just say dad didn't remember, mom didn't remember, nor I! What does that say about our family?!!!! Mom and I are freaking out because neither one of us can remember. The only thing we could recall was car! So the other 2 words you see on this list, I made them up because we still can't recall what they were!

The doctor then assures dad he is alright (while mom and I are still freaking out!) she gives him a new list which is not as easy as the first one. This time it is picnic table, banana, and violin. She goes on with her evaluation and ask him to recall the list later.

Should I mention while she continues on with her evaluation of my dad, mom and I are in high concentration trying to commit those 3 words to memory! I actually thought about putting them in my iPhone. (We are seriously messed up!)

Dad recalls 2 of the words and the next thing I know I see my mom is giving him hand signals behind the doctors back trying to help him come up with violin!


What is up with that?

When your spouse is being evaluated by the neurologist I am pretty sure they don't want you giving him hand signals!

I give her the scary look! She *smiles* shrugs her shoulder and says I just wanted to help him out! Laugh OUT Loud!

I have to admit I knew the feeling. After failing the first list ourselves I think our competitive side came out and we felt the need to conquer list #2!

Dad passed it very well! Mom and I on the other hand are faced with issues of memory failure, being compelled to cheat, and we actually could be a hindrance to my dad instead of a help!

Let's hope we improve after our next visit in 3 months!


  1. That really is so funny! Love it! I would think asking him where he lives, what church he attends, what highway is close to his house, etc would be more revealing of memory. What do I know? :)

  2. This is funny, but at the same time, a little scary. I know I would probably NOT have remembererd all three words either. Personally, I think it's information overload that has caused our minds to go into hiding. Bless you all for keeping the humor. Sandy B.