Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Pictures = Nervous Breakdown

I wonder how well Saturday will go if I am already freaking out!

We haven't done a family picture since Brady's birth! That is just so sad!!!!

But everytime we get ready to go, the stress it takes to get everyone together, is just overwhelming.

So this time I called and locked in a date. If its on the calendar I am not likely gonna back out! Ever since then I have been in stress mode trying to figure out what to wear. It is so sad this freaks me out. I guess the thought of getting everyone together you just don't want it to turn out bad because NONE of us will want to attempt this again.

I have been calling and emailing my college student and senior to make sure they keep their calender clear. Then keeping the boys from scheduling ultimate frisbee, soccer, or disc golf has been a major accomplishment. This doesn't even tackle the clothes, the hair, or time frame to get 10 people happy for family photo!

Is it even possible to get teen to toddler happy with their clothes?

Of course that doesn't account for dad or mom! And if I am gonna be in the picture I better have something to wear, where I look thin AND young!

We are two days away, Barry is out of town, and I am not quite sure I have figured out what we are doing yet! Then I realize I didn't even think about the shoes we will wear! YIKES!

For some reason all my children believe it is okay to grow at any given moment without asking me if it fits into my time frame or my budget! Guess this means back to the store again!


  1. Black looks awesome in photos...and red. The two together look great. Bare feet can look cute on kids too...or even you guys! You can do this! :)