Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Toddler Who Thinks He is Big

The toddler who keeps me enjoying life! This precious child can make me smile so fast...even when he is being rotten. He has done more in the past year than all my other children together!!!

I'm glad he is my 8th, and not my first or I might be having some anger issues!

From coloring on my kitchen floor, to art work on the wood cabinets, texting his dad, ordering TWO netflix shows, opening the van door while we are driving because he is ready to get out, putting 5 rolls of toilet paper in the toilet (he knows we do something with that paper) and today...calling 911!

WHAT is he thinking?

I think being in a household of 9 other people he has figured out how to do a few things! He has just forgotten that he IS only TWO!

This child is truly FULL of life!

He mimics our every move one way or another!

He enjoys life to its fullest!

I hope his happy content personality will be used by God in a mighty way.

This child is not only a happy one, he can carry a conversation, give the best hugs, make you snicker at his intelligence. If we walk into church shaking someones hand, he will demand to do the same. If the boys have secret handshakes with their buddies, he will walk up and give a few slaps to what he thinks that hand shake is all about.

So if you pass us in church, keep your eyes out for Brady because HE WILL high five, give you a hand shake, hug your neck, or give you a big grin!

Here is to hoping we will not find the police standing at our door the next time Brady uses the phone! OR That he has decided to take the van for a spin!

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