Monday, September 27, 2010

Loss of a Mom, a Dad, a Friend, and an Infant

Seems like lately there has just been one loss after another. A dear friend that was like a mother through my growing up years (she lived out what being a woman of God was all about and showed us how to die), a young mom losing her first infant only getting a little over an hour with her newborn (showing us that life is so important even when we know it will be short lived) , another friend losing her husband with a 2 year old and 4 month old at home, and another friend at a moments notice met our Lord (she was constantly a picture of joy for me). These are just listing a few of those who have suffered loss so recently.

Each time my thoughts were on how many more loads of laundry am I gonna have to do?
WHAT? It's time for another meal to be prepared and cleaned!
When will these children learn to pick up after themselves?
Why can't we afford a family vacation?
How will I ever get homeschool in order?

Only to receive a call and be reminded that it is a treasure to have each of these problems. That on one hand these families would love to get back. On the other hand, how could they ask their loved ones to come back from perfect Love?

It really puts into perspective what life is all about. How quickly we forget and how quickly the loss of a loved one can bring it back!

We tend to think our world is all about us. What we like, what makes us comfortable and happy. We forget that this world is about Jesus coming to die on a cross and if we know Him it is about leading others to a life of hope, joy, and forever peace. We only have weeks, a few months or maybe 60-90 years. We never know when our last breath will take place. We can't wait for tomorrow to show Christ love. It needs to happen today. And for my kids, it needs to happen daily even in the midst of fits, fusses, and frustrations.

These families above have been pictures of Christ love for us. How in the midst of such severe pain can we have Joy? Peace? and Hope?

Because they all know that this life here is just temporary. Our true home will be the one with or without Christ.

The one without Christ will be forever painful, lonely, and disturbing.

The one with Christ will be full of unimanageable LOVE and they get to experience a little piece of God's peace early. That doesn't mean there are not tears and possibly lots of them. The loss can hurt. But there is a certain hope and peace that comes to us from our heavenly Father that just can't be explained. Then there comes a sweet desire to let others see this hope so they can experience it when life doesn't go the way we think.

We have so many people, books, and seminars on how to live in this world. But these families are a living picture of how we die or let go until we meet again.

Lord, don't let me forget the pleasure of serving and loving on my family because in a blink it can all change. The hassle of today will be a wish of tomorrow!

Go enjoy your family, your chores, your burdens and while doing so let God fill you with love, joy and peace in this chaotic world we temporarily live. Hug those you love and do it often!

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