Friday, August 20, 2010

It's NOT Gonna Be Pretty

I am coming to terms with the fact that THIS will NOT be our smoothest school start! Nor am I gonna be all the way ready at one given moment! AND the house, the kids, the activities are not in an organized fashion yet. (It never stays that way but at least each year I can say 'Day 1,...It Was'.) But that will NOT be the case THIS year.

Hopefully in my disarray, unorganized mess, and slow start this will bring comfort to the masses. Please tell me I am NOT the only one flying by the seat of my pants!

In 15 years of homeschooling this will be, by far, my most unorganized year EVER.

I typically like to plan every detail, every subject, every chore, every activity, and I mean everything. I deep clean every closet, cabinet, and shelf. Considering organization is not my natural ability I usually do pretty well, ...Day 1 of school! But NOT this year!

In reality, my house isn't as messy as 'I feel' it is, I'm not as disorganized as 'I think' I am, nor are we as behind like 'I assume' we are.

Having gone through financial pressures, a body that would go on strike on a regular basis, to parents moving in, the ever changing stages of having a little one in your home, and throw in teen hormones, childhood drama...we are hanging in there. Yep, I would say we are in the midst of life, how about you?

  • Don't look to me for that perfect homeschool family, YOU will not find it.

  • Don't look to me for a mom who can have well balanced meals each night and a clean house, YOU will not find it.

  • Don't look to me for a wife who gives her husband back massages and ironed clothes, YOU will not find it.

  • Don't look to me as a woman who can juggle the chaos with perfect attitude in every situation, YOU will not find it.

  • I do hope you can see a woman who will walk in grace as she juggles 8 kids that depend on her for their education and guidance.

  • I do hope you see a mom who will provide a meal (not always ideal, but they do get to eat) with a calm attitude most days.

  • I do hope you see a wife who will give respect and love to a man she adores even on those tired exhausting days.

  • I do hope you see a woman who cannot do all that is required but a woman that relies upon the Lord to fill in her gaps!

Thank you Lord for loving me in spite of my issues, not quiting on me when I fall apart, and not throwing me aside when I don't have my act together!

Thank you Lord that there can be beauty EVEN in our mess!

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  1. Beautiful. I like real people. People who get caught off guard by life and finances and relationships. People who admit things can start off messy. But, perhaps...they will start off messy and end up beautiful! :)