Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Am a Cheerleader!

Who is on our kids side?

We say we are, but are we?

Because I am quite sure at times we don't leave them with that impression. Whether they are 4 making messes or teens who are oblivious to their world around them. We get busy proving a point we forget some of life's greatest lessons are learned doing dumb things. They are only truly dumb when we don't learn from them.

If we are busy putting our children down, enforcing the idea how dumb they are, or so busy letting them know how right we were, we may miss a pivotal point (to have a relationship) with them. A moment to walk with them on the bumpy parts and for them to see they aren't alone. We are their cheerleaders even in the dumb moments.

Walking this road of life can be such a challenge. To walk it without any mistakes is absolutely impossible. I hope my kids know whether they make a perfect pass at life or have a few foul balls (mistakes, lack of judgement), "I WILL be their cheerleader!" (I won't quit my team!)

We heard Gary Thomas speak this week at a Family Life Staff Conference. He is the Author of several books on Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting, and Pure Pleasure. If you can ever hear him talk, run to hear him! He was great! I will leave you with a powerful quote from him, "If your kids feel like projects instead of people you enjoy, they lose a sense of relationship with us.
Do you enjoy your kids or are they a project to fix?"

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