Tuesday, July 20, 2010

8 Kids and a Dentist

Another successful trip to the dentist office. I am so thankful my children actually enjoy going on these outings that have a been a ritual every 6 months for the past 17 years! My little boys can't wait to get to the office and play with a few toys in the toy box. They love to hear their name called and are absolutely thrilled to have a picture taken of their teeth.

I am still in awe after all these years we have never had one melt down. We have seen other kids fall apart and my kids are totally baffled at the problem! I think there are two reasons we have found success. The first one is probably the biggest reason!

#1 Having a daughter that thinks ANYTHING different than the day before is EXCITING! Our first born was thrilled to see where I would take her next as a toddler. It doesn't take much to get caught up in her excitement and run with the idea. I remember thinking we should make doctor and dentist appointments fun. They are obviously gonna be on our schedule for many, many years to come.

She would ask what will they would do?
First they will call your name and walk you into a room. This room will have a chair that when they push a button it will lay down.

Is it like a ride?
Yes, kinda like a ride.

They will count your teeth with something that looks like a pen. Spray water in your mouth and will take pictures of your teeth with a funny machine.

Then what?
They will make sure you are taking care of your teeth. I bet they will even brush your teeth for you. *Hannah's eyes are BIG with excitement*

You know what the best part is?
I bet you will get a prize before we go!

#2 reason I think we find success. We help the younger kids know what to expect. When we take an older one to the dentist I always take the next younger one to watch. I challenge the first child to set a good example so we can make it fun. (They have always loved playing the big sister or brother that is IN the KNOW!)
Around 2 years of age we would have the younger sibling come 2 - 3 times watching the older sibling.

I would ask the dentist if I could bring the little one in to watch. They have always done a great job in allowing them to see what is done. By the 3rd visit our 3 year old is dying to SIT in that chair! Eager to have his teeth counted. And full of excitement in receiving his gift, THE BAG!

Who knew that little bag could bring such joy with a tooth brush, tooth paste, and dental floss! Or the toy box with the mismatched odd toys would bring a fun moment of play!

Hope your visits are as successful as ours!

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  1. We have the same experience! :-) Our eight don't mind a bit - and how wonderful to have a great dentist that lets us all come at once. HA!