Monday, June 28, 2010

One More Thing To Do

Apparently, Brady DID NOT get the memo that mom had too many things to do already! Or he thought he would take up a career in art like his big sister. Either way, THIS is NOT working for me!

Explaining to me how he can't get it off of his hands I am trying to explain to him I am concerned about the floor!

He is not sure I understand the problem with his hands as he continues to throw them in my face.

While Brady and I discuss what is worse...'his' hands or 'my' floor, Abbey grabs the Sol-U-Mel! Our favorite cleaner! It's the one thing that can get anything out! Takes down wallpaper, gets melted crayon out of a car, tar off the ceiling, and now red marker off the kitchen floor!

All my kids know if you make a mess you clean it. Even the toddler knows he needs to fix his misjudgement in where artwork should be displayed!

A few minutes of holding our never know when you are gonna come across that one thing Sol-U-Mel can't solve. But once again it saves the day! Or saves Brady's life! haha!

No time for the weary! "What's for dinner?"

Oh yes, Thanks! Abbey!

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