Monday, May 3, 2010

Mom Instinct

Only Mom's get the mom instinct. Never known a man, child, sibling, or grandparent to have what God gives us moms the moment we birth, foster, or adopt a child.

I have 4 kids home. The 3 oldest (who by the way are the destroyers of the home! They like to blame their younger siblings but they aren't here to blame!) and the toddler (who doesn't seem to miss the chaos). I cannot explain the mass difference in activity with 4 kids gone. What a joy to spend some one on one time with my little guy. YES, this one has captured my heart. He's my buddy and I love having him by my side.

While the teens are out socializing I was sitting on my bed with the toddler watching a cartoon before bed. After a few minutes, and realizing he might fall asleep if he sat still, he wanted down for a second and I let him. I was still buying some time before I put him down since there was still light outside and I was seizing the moment for facebook time. (Why did I not just go stick him in bed?)

A little tip I have learned...when little boys find beads on the floor and moms ignore them, they stick them in their noses!

He was kinda making a fussing grunt but not really upset which I assumed meant he was ready for bed. But when I looked at him there was just something about the way he looked back at me I KNEW something was wrong. In a split second I figured out the bead. (I still sit here amazed that is what came to my mind. NONE of my boys have ever done that and I sure didn't expect this one to do it.)

Sure enough I look at him and there it is one nostril is an empty black hole and the other has a shiny red ball in it! Ugh! First thought was to nearly panic. But because he wasn't panicking I saw no reason to introduce pandemonium. I looked right at him and said Don't MOVE, Sit STILL! He was the perfect obedient little man. Within seconds mom had rescued the bead from the nose with a story to share.

Thankful for the prompting to realize the fuss I heard was not just a tired baby but something more. Thankful I listened to my prompting and didn't continue to ignore the child. Thankful that after 8 kids you learn a doctor is not needed for every situation. And thankful for a toddler that has learned to obey when mom says, sit still!

Please tell me I am not the only mom that had a child stick a bead up his nose!

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  1. I have never had a child stick things in their nose...yet. But I can tell you that Leslie has had more than a few trips to the DR. to pull things out. Just the other day she pulled a SMALL rock out of MaryGrace's nose at the park! Amazing how fear grips you as you realize if they breathe in it will disappear! Glad you could rescue it! M.