Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cell Phone Heaven

I finally got an iPhone! YES! And, I am loving it!

When these things first came out I just thought it was a bunch of hype! Until...we went to 2.0 Men's Tennis Sectionals with some friends from Arkansas and one of them had an iPhone. (This was one of the funnest trips ever and I discovered beautiful Alabama!) One car ride later I am completely hooked on the iPhone!

I have patiently awaited many, many months before getting to purchase one.

The joy of having teens is you get extra lines with your cell phone plan.
The joy of being a parent is having some wisdom in knowing that NO teen new to cell phones should ever get a brand new phone their first time out! (Everyone of our teens has damaged a phone.) Amazingly enough, once it breaks they comprehend these things should be taken care of with great awareness!

Somethings NOT to do with cell phones...
  • never throw phone down a hall and expect buddy to catch
  • never jump into a pool with phone in pocket
  • never place phone in cup holder full of water
  • never drive off with phone on car (oops...husband did that one)
  • never take phone to pool and set on ground with many teens standing wet!
  • never play ultimate Frisbee with phone

Needless to say we had 3rd teen added to our plan. Like clock work within 6 months of owning a phone, tragedy strikes!

  • Good news (it was a hand-me-down phone not a huge loss)
  • Bad news (there isn't one, because MOM has a plan *excited laugh*)
  • Good news (Mom takes upgrade AND teen can get another phone)
  • Bad news (teen gets another hand-me-down phone)
  • Good news (teens new hand-me-down is only 6 months old and cooler than previous phone)

Yes, I do believe an iPhone was worth the wait! Yes, I do believe THIS mom is in cell phone heaven! Yes, it has been confirmed once again that next teen up will NOT get a new phone either!

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