Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thirty Minutes of Chaos and More

You had to know we were having too many good days in a row.
I am human, I am weak, I caved!
(rats...couldn't contain myself!)

Last night we were headed for bed and as I walked out to get some ice water only to discover the living room, kitchen, down stairs room, boys room, and laundry room....for lack of better words....trashed! (That was with me going to bed and the kids promised they would pick up!)

Call me silly but I hope for a clean house to start homeschooling the following day. I know the house won't stay that way but if there could be just some order I might could function. The kids can say they work fine in it, but they don't!

Yes, this wife (who just admitted I would bring joy to my husband to celebrate his life) just couldn't contain herself just a few more hours (till morning) to let his birthday end smoothly. After seeing the mess the kids promised they would pick up I went to bed mumbling and grumbling:/ Shame on me.

(I wasn't yelling but does that really matter? Because I was yelling in my heart! Can't decide whether I am happy for that little bit of wisdom God shared!)

Got the husband up, got the kids up, and we all cleaned house at midnight! (No one was happy!)

I needed a little more time before going back to bed so I worked on school at 1:00a.m.! Finally I calmed down and realized I really did not honor my husband with my frustration. (Another bit of wisdom God revealed!) Although I appreciated his help in getting the kids into action.

Today has definitely been a challenge. All within 30 minutes we had mass chaos. See if this fits your life?
  • toddler screaming (lack of sleep)
  • 3 different kids needing school help (each frustrated I don't JUMP on that for them!)
  • laundry was beeping (and everyone was ignoring it)
  • friend over looking at curriculum
  • my kids NOT using the interrupt rule (2nd grader, Kindergartner, toddler, Kindergartner, 2nd grader, toddler, 2nd grader, toddler, Kindergartner!)
  • one getting ready to go to a friends house (money for lunch we can't find and shoes are missing!)
  • then a child hollaring (we finally realized he was throwing up...poor guy!)

That doesn't list off the previous stuff...

  • again the dishwasher fully loaded and never ran
  • the laundry pile is growing in the hall instead of being washed
  • still school was uncomplete
  • the toddler cranky! did not sleep all night (can't complain...this is rare...but still no fun when it happens)

and the topper....

  • I'm in the shower, no conditioner, and then no towel!

Guess that one sent me over the edge and thankfully I was in the shower to keep me contained. Amazing what a moment alone with God can do! He brought peace back into the picture so that the 30 minutes of chaos didn't completely send me over the edge.

Yep, the school is still in progress. The dishes are still over taking the kitchen. Lunch was left out. Laundry is still beeping. Toddler took nap but still not his happy self. 2nd grader still throwing up. Kindergartner can't decide whether his tummy hurts or not. And has not decided what to do for dinner.

(At the moment...God's grace is here and I am NOT freaking out!)

How has your 30 minutes of chaos gone?


  1. Oh, I feel so much better!!! I did have the laundry going all day, and yes!!! I hate it!! The dishwasher full this morning and I started it last night!! Someone tried to open it and didn't push the start button back! UGH! Sarah had the stomach virus on Monday so we're all hoping we don't get it. So sorry for you. Hope it stops at two. Love reading your posts, Sweet Friend!

  2. Stress or not, you are amazing.

  3. I can't tell you how encouraging it is that our house isn't the only one like that! :-)
    I'm grateful for the reminder of God's sufficient grace (I forget so very often) and praying for a smoother week at your house.
    And SO SORRY about the stomach virus. We call it the vomit monster. It's the worst!