Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Change of Pace

My kids are experiencing life without vehicles and are loving it!

We received a dose of sleet, ice, and snow. Practically bringing Little Rock to a halt yesterday! I do believe everyone is enjoying the change of pace. A moment to be trapped at home and create your own fun.

After being trapped at home all of about 5 hours yesterday the teens and college kids decided they wanted out and chose to walk to the park, store, blockbuster, and ihop! It was an experience with the elements! Legs were red as fire, hair frozen stiff, and a few cold toes. A "memory maker" as a friend of mine says!

Kids were in and out yesterday. Playing in snow and then coming in to warm up. We were never quite sure who would walk in the door next. We found it to be fun listening to the laughter as they were back and forth. Loaning out a few clothes for soaked kids, making coffee, and hot chocolate. Sitting and watching Veggie Tales for the 10th time with the little one. It was definitely a day to remember!

Today they were discussing the joys of no car. "Mom, it was so fun walking and seeing so many others out walking too!" (They were wishing it was always like this.) They loved seeing people out and about. The only way to describe the quietness the snow brings is peaceful! You could see smiles on faces, people were enjoying one another. Neighbors coming out to see the laughter a little sledding can create. More screams, laughter, and memories!

It does make me long for the day we can put aside the hussle bussle and enjoy the day the Lord hath made. The simplicity of just chatting with a neighbor, walking to a store, and playing with our kids.

My goal this spring is making sure I can create more moments like this to enjoy. Not packing activity into every moment of our day. But creating space to enjoy sitting a little longer and enjoying whoever crosses our path!

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  1. We LOVED the gift of FIVE days home! It was a lovely, restful, memory filled time. I'm missing that "quiet", now. Not quiet as in noise level, but quiet in just being able to be together with nothing needing to be done. It was wonderful!