Tuesday, December 1, 2009


You know what I love? I love taking the time to see who God has placed in my life and realizing how special they are to me. Have you taken the time to really notice those around you?

I love the fact that I have married a man that does life WITH me! Each year I am more and more amazed at what a perfect match Barry is for me. On Thanksgiving Day he was WITH me as we prepared the meal. He was ready and willing to do whatever I needed. I was fine doing the meal on my own, but the fact that he would offer help actually made the day very special for me too. Not just me preparing to make it nice for everyone, it was US making it nice for everyone. He wasn't in the kitchen all day, just off and on. But when it came to crunch time when everything is getting done all at once. He was there ready to help, to serve, not just be served!

I was thinking today how nice Thanksgiving was with all the kids and Barry helping and realizing they help because they see a dad help. He is a living role model to them. It does a moms heart good to see and feel the kids step in from time to time. I don't need them to pitch in during the whole time. But just 5 minutes here or there is a marvelous boost to my energy to continue to serve them!

Not only do I have a husband doing life WITH me I have children stepping in to do life WITH me too. I am a very blessed mom to be surrounded by such special people God has put into my life! I am so thankful for those who have asked me how was Thanksgiving. Without the question I would not have pondered the thought and realized what made that day so sweet. We need to remember to take the time to look at those around us and find those things they do that we appreciate. Or all too soon years will have passed and we can never recall what we enjoyed, no one will know how they blessed us, and we will miss many years of being thankful.

Look around and see who God has blessed you with in your life. Could be a parent, sibling, friend, child, husband, neighbors, co-workers…have you taken the time to see who God has put in your life. Take a moment and bless them!



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