Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just Breath!!!

Oh MY!

We had a wonderful day at church taking the Lord's supper and praying! Next we were off to celebrate our oldest son's birthday today. He is 14 tomorrow! (a special post to him coming soon) I cannot believe I have 3 kids that will be driving soon. I remember when I had 3 kids that could barely walk!

After lunch we come home for dad to drive a group to ultimate frisbee as I stay behind to nap 3 of the youngest. With all the excitement the last couple of weeks we have two little boys that are struggling to find the will to obey. So mom will sit and make sure they stay down before I get to finish my tasks that await me.

I can't believe I have to sit and stare at this AWFUL mess in their room! I can't decide whether having 4 boys in one room is a good idea or not. This thing is a catastrophe!!! I can't hardly breath with all the emotion that is building up inside of me. I want to go ballistic and make them get it put up NOW! Of course, the Lord puts some grace inside of me as I am figuring out that wouldn't be God honoring to HIM or them. So I sit to blog and dream up ways to teach ONE more time how to pick up your clothes, put up your toys, close the drawer, NO drinks in your room, and FOLD your laundry!

The thought crossed my mind today in church while hearing the message that my girls are turning out to be some pretty amazing people. And it wasn't because I forced them to turn out this way. It is God living inside of them that leads them to want to serve and be better all for His glory! It wasn't a mom yelling, scolding, or shaming them into action. None of that ever accomplishes what we want. I believe it comes from a mom on her knees, a Lord that captures their hearts, and a child that desires to accept! SO, as always I see God giving me more chances to practice giving them to Him. As I look before me (catastrophe at hand) and want to shame them into obedience, force outward compliance, and get some things accomplished! I realize this is one more day in the parenting struggle to lead by example with gentle answers, soft words of encouragement, and sometimes a little discipline to prove a point. But all of it should happen with the right heart attitude. It was probably best I didn't see this prior to ultimate frisbee today. Or I am sure my natural response would not have been God's response!

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