Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't Ever Forget

The house was up and running early today for this home school family. Mom up at 6:30 to make some breakfast. Husband, 8th grader and my precious 5th grader had an early morning. It is All Day of Prayer at Family Life. The kids are going to help with childcare. I can't believe my precious 5th grader is ready to go serve! She took a "Super Sitter Class" this summer and is ready for action. She often is babysitting our 3 youngest and a FANTASTIC mommas helper. She might have been the youngest in the class but she was the only one that new how to change and feed a baby! One of the little things you learn, at an early age, in a family of 10!

I wake up high schooler to help with remaining kids at home. Drive college student to work. Husband and the other 2 kids are off to worship and serve! Three kids gone and still have 5 sitting in the kitchen. After some morning traffic (PTL I don't have to be in that everyday!) I am back home for a few hours and ready to start our day. While in the midst of changing a dirty diaper (why did he wait until I come home to do that?) the 2nd grader and I have a conversation.

"Mom, Did you leave and not kiss and hug me?"

Yes, I am so sorry:/

"Why didn't you kiss and hug me?"

Because I didn't want to wake you.

"But Daddy kisses and hugs you everyday before he leaves even if you are asleep."

Yes, he does!

"I want you to kiss and hug me every time before you leave!"

Okay, I will never miss an opportunity to kiss and hug you again!

(huge smile) "Can you call dad and tell him not to forget to kiss and hug me again?"

Yes, son! I will tell him! (big smile on my face)

A thought....I don't think my husband has any idea how special that is to me. An early morning kiss before he goes off to work. Sometimes I am not awake, sometimes I can't move, but many times it is a sweet moment for me to feel special. I can't believe I have robbed my son of that feeling. This MOM shall never forget. So if I am a few minutes late, know I grabbed one more moment to kiss and hug a child! or two, or three, or eight!

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  1. How great is that story! You are putting in his heart something his wife will cherish later. What a great example you are.