Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Six Week Cycle....

You know with all the chaos, the motion, the speed of activities for the week, and LIFE; I am seeing the need to remember.
WHAT I am doing and WHY am I doing it?
I was shocked to think I already needed this (refocus) when we just started school in the last week or two. To my surprise we have completed 5 weeks of school!

Over the years I have learned that I function on a cycle.
Whether a mom of a newborn,
mom to kids in general,
or homeschooling!
Apparently, I run on a 6 week cycle...

Week #1...Life is great! School is great! We are a family in motion!
Week #2...The tears, I am insane for doing this! Everything is overlapping, toddler is in full motion, the car is broken, the 2nd grader remembers nothing, 5th grader is frustrated at school, 6th grader is confused at why school is even necessary, 8th grader wants to ask a thousand questions (verbal processor), can't get meals done because I can't find time or energy to get to the store! Can't even think about highschooler and college student. Thankful for a gracious husband to wait patiently for his wife to come around and his many hugs!
Week #3...What am I gonna do? Quit? No, I am gonna keep moving!
Week #4...Running through the motion of the days and trying to keep up!
Week #5... Thinking something has to change it is time to tweak the schedule and/or change my attitude!
Week # 6... REMEMBER......Spend the week seeing what needs to be adjusted probably mostly 'me'. And then we shall start the cycle all over again!

Here is day 1 of week 6....
Decided to get out a book, "Becoming a Treasured Teacher" by Jody Capehart and see if I could get motivated to keep on. I realized while doing this how much whether you are a teacher, mom, or just living life we all are influencing those we are around.

(pause...moment to discipline/train!)
- 6 year old squealing...really! uh, NO we are not gonna do that!
- teen frustrating the 6 year old! Fight is in full motion.
- Not 10 minutes later now I have 2 teens in battle.
* Mom gott'em all...rooms are being cleaned AND bathrooms! I am ON IT!

Now to leave with a thought to ponder for the day as I look to seek God and get myself on the right path again. What is really important? Pretty sure I need to post this above my computer. When life comes at me fast I want to react fast. Needing to learn to function with Gods reaction, not mine!

You teach LITTLE
by what you SAY,
but you teach MOST
by what you ARE.

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