Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Few Days of Frustration

Well, I can't say the last couple of days have been pleasant. You can pretty much bet whatever I blog on will be an issue for me within 48 hours of posting. I have always been amazed how that happens. You would think that you would be better prepared for the moment of breakdown. NOPE...doesn't matter whether you know what to do or not...when it comes...we all fall apart!

This is me asking you to pray for me when I blog. I might have a moment of clarity but I find it can leave me in a flash when in the heat of the moment.

By far the biggest issue for me this past week is the thought of how technology in our house decided to have a 'sit out' or should I say a 'break down'!

NOPE, not a happy camper!

The Praise...that I have a working cell phone, even if I don't like it!

#1 Frustration....

I thought I was handling the breakdowns rather calmly....UNTIL....this week. I was so pumped that it was time for my phone upgrade. See, I got a phone 2 years ago that one of my children got pushed into a pool with new 4 month old phone. (I had that moment of thinking if I give this to him it will get messed up but then decided the feeling was lying to me...well, I was completely right in my thought!) I have been shopping, looking, and watching for just the right one all year. I wanted to be ready for the moment I could pick. Knowing the iPhone is a big wish and NOT going to happen...LOL I like to joke about it, not sure I would want one if I could get one. I did however find one for $ with all the chaos...sold out! *pout* *pout*

The Praise...typically I have a healthy body!

#2 Frustration...

My arm goes out! Those that know me, know that since this last pregnancy, I have different body parts that just all of a sudden decide to stop working! No reason, just all of a sudden it feels like a muscle was over worked, twisted and just wants a day or two off! The fam and I know the feels funny, the pain arrives for 24 hours, sore for a day, back to full motion the next day. It can be the most maddening feeling! Thinking you can move an arm, foot, or leg and you just can't! You should have seen me during the pregnancy. Let me draw a home with 4 sets of stairs, 6 months pregnant (I have big babies), 30 guest coming for the weekend, first time leg goes out, to get to a bathroom this mom has to crawl...up the stairs....pregnant! YEP...a beautiful sight! Why does a room full of friends and family find the need to stop talking when they see a pregnant woman crawling up the stairs???? At least now I am not pregnant. These days, the loss of a body part, are not as entertaining to my family. We are all just thankful when the body part comes back to work!

The Praise....2009 school began and we have computers!

We started the school season with 7 working laptops and one desk top. The fun side of a computer man that can collect broken laptops, mix and match stuff, and make them work again. (He collects, memory, mice, and hard drives; like I collect buttons, thread, and fabric!) I complain about his collection to which I was thankful for it at the beginning of the school season.

#3 Frustration...

All computers work great the first 3 weeks. Then slowly they all decided to bail on us! One by one these things are dropping like flies! First 6th graders computer crashes...yes...the one 'mom' didn't back up! So 6th grader begins work again on a different computer. Next thing we know 8th graders is acting up and we lose 8th and 6th grade work, but I was better prepared! Get them moved to my desk top. Now add a little company that supplies internet into our home that has enjoyed messing up our account for 3 months, husband takes off work several times and numerous phone calls to fix issue, only to have someone shut it down the other day(nobody can explain why this happened!) Then we discover desktop is fried! There goes school for 6th grader and 8th grader. Not only that but internet is NOT available which affects ALL of us. Get 11th graders laptop connected to internet because wireless still refuses to work with us. IT crashes! Husband fixes this laptop and not 12 hours later my laptop crashes! Seriously!!!!

So, no blogging, no school, no facebook, no email, no searches, no budgeting, no phone, NOTHING! Not even a functioning right arm for 24 hours!

Slowly I am coming back around to some sort of normalcy! Pretty sure my husband thought I was insane for several days! Here is hoping for a good nights rest before we see what tomorrow brings!


  1. I was just reading some of your posts. I enjoyed them so much! I can't imagine having technical things going out like that all the time. How frustrating for you! Have you had any more insight into why your arms/legs keep giving out? That is so crazy. I will be praying that you will get a definite answer and be able to find a cure for it. You're too busy to be "MIA!"

  2. Friend you are just doing to much that REALLY matters for God's kingdom. The war is real. I hate that all this is happening, but trust that God in his faithfulness will show you the goodness in it.....someday soon, i'm sure :). In the meantime, just know that your friend who loves and adores you, and your precious family is praying.