Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Evolution of technology in our, facebook, blogging, now twitter

What in the world am I doing?
Like I didn't have enough going on already I had to complicate things even more. Really?
I am a week or two old blogger and tonight I am learning to tweet? or twit?
Obviously, I am NEW!

What I love about my husband is he keeps me current. I am not the fastest learner. Nor was I ever a big one on school. But he has an uncanny way of sharing knowledge that I WANT! He learned years ago if I was to watch football he had to talk my language. PTL for Gary Smalley who shared with gotta make things relational for women. All Barry has to do is share with me about how some football guy is a father of 3, or that he just got engaged, or he is from a family of 8, or that he travels around and shares his testimony. The next thing you know I am an avid follower a spokesperson for my new found friend. Barry never bombards me with too much info he just feeds me little bites and I am a sucker and follow him into his world every time! (smart man!) Now you know how Fantasy Football started!

He was the one that got me on email....
Now that we have teens....I think he is a genius!

He got on myspace and facebook before any of our kids knew anything about it. When they brought it up they were shocked that their dad really knew what they were talking about. He knows the latest music. He knows the top people to follow. He is an information hunter! He can't get enough info. (as in the movie "Short Circut" "input input input...more input!" If he could be a full-time student he would....this is not something I understand....but it is something that I admire!

I had decided if the kids were gonna be on facebook I was too. Boy am I glad we did! I have so enjoyed getting to know their friends and understand the PULL of facebook...LOL Of course my teens were mortified when they saw I was friends with their friends. I was very proud to announce that their friends sought me out not the other way around. (I do believe I had a new respect from them:)

He has talked to me for over a year about blogging! I absolutely did not get it.
How could a girl that doesn't enjoy reading and most definitely not a writer ever want to do that? He very smoothly baited me and I am now hooked! I just didn't realize what I didn't know. I hate to read...but give me a true story (or parenting help) and I am hooked!
WELL....blogging is real stories, from real people, all the time.

Tonight I find out he is on the move again! He has been talking for awhile about twitter. Which I had NO idea what that was a few months ago until some commercial came up and I had to ask what they were talking about. Since then he has been feeding me little bits of information.
Can you tell I am slow when it comes to change?
I really did not understand why I would tweet if I blog..
I didn't even understand why I would blog if I facebook.
Tonight I got a lesson why I would do each:D

In the middle of the conversation he says....."Hey, Star is tweeting now."
Remember the relational side of women?
I announced, "Well I want to tweet too." (women like to know who they are talking too)
He said, "Okay, I already set you up."
haha !!!!
Does the man know me or what?

I am thankful I have a man that invites me into his world.
He has turned this woman who really doesn't like to read,
never watched football,
nor ever thought she has much to say..........into a reader, a fantasy football crazed woman when you try to take one of her picks!
And now, unless I learn something knew, a woman into all forms of technology minus the iPhone!

Now to figure out how to get an iPhone so I can really be a technological guru!
(thanks Drew for getting me hooked on something I CAN'T afford!)


  1. way to go Barry! we're so glad you've joined the blogging world, Shannon. i joined Twitter a few months ago, but I always forget to check it. oh well. i'm uber impressed with all that you keep up with!

    wish we still lived close to you guys. hearing from you each day on your blog makes me really miss seeing you all!

  2. Boy, Barry is a smart man! I love how he knows to pull you in with the relational side of things, and keeps you current! You are impressive! I, too, am glad you are blogging! You have so much encouragement to share. It's like sitting in your living room. Thank you!!!! Love you!!!!

  3. You're way ahead of me! My Coach doesn't even read my blog. Ha! :-)