Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not Knowing Where...Or Do We

Reading "Not Knowing Where" by Oswald Chambers I am so moved how he brings up scripture that so captures my heart.  The crazy thing seems to be how it pulls you into meditation.  You can't just read it and walk away knowing what you read.  You must sit, sit still, and listen to God as He unwraps the words He has spoken.

I think we all have to go through a time (or several times) in our life where we are so unsure of what is happening around us that we seek to seek Him.  Everything, and I mean everything in this life can change.  My only constant is God himself.

The question to the Christian is WHAT will I do in that moment?

You know, THAT moment when you thought you knew what you were doing tomorrow, you knew how you would pay that bill, you planned for tomorrow because you knew what tomorrow would bring.

But what happens when you are unsure where you are supposed to be, have no idea how to pay for the things that come, and can't possibly plan for tomorrow because you don't know what tomorrow will bring?

Will you panic?  Question?  Believe all you have done is in vain?  Blame others or even God?

What if God is asking you to Trust Me!

Sit my child and actively wait!

It's like my 4 year old who wakes up in the morning, he can't possibly imagine all that we have to do that day.  He doesn't need to panic!  He doesn't need to worry if I have everything under control!  I am his mother...I have it ALL under control, ALL of it planned, ALL of it will be revealed in its time.

He can't understand the plans I have for the day because if they were revealed he would be overwhelmed. If I told him he would have so many questions because he can't possibly process all that entails from his perspective.  But if he will 'actively wait' as we walk through our day, each thing will be revealed in its time with all the little details worked out by his mother.

I carry the burden of the details.
His job is to listen, obey, and follow.

He gets the fun part!  Although he will believe I am withholding or even don't care about his hunger.  His nature will seek to question where I am going, why did I choose to do what I did, and whether he really wants to obey or not.  Ultimately, he will have to decide will he obey me?

So, christian, will you sit and 'actively wait'?
Waiting with patience and a hope!  
Will you allow your Heavenly Father to work out all the details carrying the burden of what is ahead?
Will you trust your Heavenly Father to reveal His plan when He sees it is appropriate?
Will you actively wait and be ready to obey when He says its time to go?

We are just like our children and want to know where are we going?
How much longer?
When will we get there?
Who will be there?
It's okay to ask the questions just don't let those questions allow you to dig in your heels.  As moms we can't possibly get things done if our kids constantly dig in their heels waiting for us to reveal the plans ahead.

We need them to obey, follow, and trust us.
Just like our Heavenly Father needs us to obey, follow, and trust Him.

He WILL His TIME!    

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