Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teens, Tweens, and College Students

We are shifting into the grown kids life! With 5 of them above tween age and only 3 younger our family dynamics is changing! Although, I feel like I am back on the learning curve for what works, what to expect, and trial and error!

I do love this stage though!

Even though I feel 10 steps behind the family and that I am the constant nag. Trying to make sure I am giving off as many compliments as I am pointing out what they missed. I really need to stay on my knees for this one! I haven't mastered the "its okay the house is a wreck, the laundry is thrown every where, and that the dishes keep piling up". I tend to feel it is a reflection of me. And with tweens, teens and college students...those things are NOT going to stay where they belong! It does me NO good to bash the person just for a clean home. (Although that is exactly what I want to do and exactly what I do many days.) Just shows that mom is human too! God's still working on me...just like them! Surely they are more important than the dirty dishes, the mess on the floor, or that their shirts are wrinkled. But sometimes you might wonder if you listened to me.

With teens, tweens, and college students, it never fails that the heart to heart conversations always seem to be needed on your hardest day. These conversations shouldn't be put off at your convenience, when the time arises...Sieze your moment!

Unlike the toddler and small child phase the discipline doesn't take place in a few minutes! I kinda miss the days of do this, and then watch that child do what you said.
With teens, tweens, and college students you are left with guiding and walking with them as God captures their heart and brings change. So you train, wait, pray, and watch for more opportunity to influence their life. THAT doesn't take place in 1 given day. It makes training the toddlers and young children almost seem simple or achievable.

I love that we are at a stage of still getting the toddler hugs and approval, while watching our young adults develop into adults seeking their heavenly Father.

What is your stage of parenting?

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  1. YOU are such a great mom! We are very proud of you and Barry AND Shelley and David. We are GREATLY BLESSED!