Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Chaos

I love my family! They crack me up!

There is nothing more fun than cold air outside, a warm house full of Christmas lights, college daughter home, and every other child we birthed home too! Add to the scenario, not much food in the house for a real dinner and everyone is in a mad dash to create their own dinner of choice! A night full of games and one comment, "I'm hungry!" Put the kitchen into full action!

Dodging here and there, a couple want this, a few want that, and others can't decide. We got people spinning in our kitchen to peek into her creation and then into his. The big kids are stirring up commotion, the little ones are excited to have EVERYONE home, and dad and mom can feel the love of family in our presence!

I love that in an instant I can capture the chaos that is beginning to stir in our kitchen.

I don't even think the picture can do justice to the commotion going on in there!

Making 3 attempts at a picture to only have people walk in and out of frame by the time I click the button and the iPhone decides to capture the moment, I have to ask everyone to FREEZE!

What I got was priceless! It is our day to day life! Well...almost! WE got 2 kids missing, toddler is actually sitting (quite possibly stunned at our behavior!) and one mom capturing the moment! So stack a few more bodies in there and you can see why our life is full! Throw in some amazing personalities and I imagine we will have a house full of laughter for years to come.

We are stoked with anticipation our house will be full this season with family, friends, cousins, and more friends!

I am quite sure there will be more than one game being played in our home. We have already seen action with Sorry, Banagrams, Farkle, Conasta, Set! Sooner or later a good puzzle will make an appearance while X-box and Wii are in constant use! (I'm still bummed we don't have Tetris! Whose decision was it to get rid of playstation...boys! They didn't ask the girls about that choice!) They probably didn't like it because we could beat them!

We are praying we might see the arrival of some Gibson's (our adopted family) where I am sure we will experience laughter until your belly hurts, energy seeping out our doors, and an unbelievable game of Grand Mal (if that is even how you spell it!)!

Grandparents will be visited and showered with our love and chaos! Hope they can handle our crazy lives! They started this whole thing! I'm guessing they feel the same love we feel when our kids now wonder home.

Having kids old enough to leave and then watch them come home during the holidays, makes the endless nights of no sleep, the never ending diaper changes and the mountain of emotions that come with each new human being...worth EVERY minute!

Hang in there moms! Your gonna love what is coming!

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