Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dreaming of a Vacation

I feel a little fit coming on! I'll be honest that I am saddened we never get a vacation. I find I am jealous of all the families traveling throughout the year.

Each year we have hope and as the reality of a large family comes into picture we are faced with another year of surprise expenses that keep us close to home.

This never seemed to bother me like it does now. I'm guessing since the kids are growing and beginning to move out one at a time I know my dream of family vacations is nearing an end.

You know you have an issue when your husband tells you of a friend who is going away on a family vacation for a week and you go from excitement to tears. Really? I'm gonna tear up? WOW...guessing I have a few emotions built up. I really am excited for them! Maybe because I know what that would mean for us to get that chance. I think I am more sad that, THAT caused me to tear up. It's not very fun to have a death of a vision. I just have to remember to lay it at God's feet and keep on truckin'!

Seems like when the kids were younger we were creative and there was always HOPE we would get a real vacation eventually. Now that the kids are older I guess I am sad we don't have some of those memory type trips with our entire family.

Then I wonder how I can be so sad?

We have been blessed with a large family. We have created some fun family camp trips. Although those are coming less and less with so many going so many directions. Add to that mix financial burdens, health issues, and just the frustration of home ownership our camping moments are becoming very slim!

Grabbing a moment to make a memory I am really praying that God will bless us with some wonderful weather at Thanksgiving so we can take a family camping trip. We may not get Disney, beach trips, ski trips, or even lake house fun. But we do seem to love the campfire smell, the aroma of God's creation, and the simplicity of enjoying one another.

I think I am fearful the weather will be too cold and another moment to make a memory will pass, or will it? Maybe the memory I want to make will pass but I am sure God will provide some sort of opportunity for a different memory. He always does!

I've always been content with my life. Not sure why this is an issue now. Maybe with my health off and on, seeing our college student move out, the loss of close friends and seeing their deep loss, is a reminder of how short time can be with our families.

I'm looking for memory makers! And yet, how can you live in a family of 10 and not have a few memories!

My life is full and I am so very blessed!

We will continue to grab our family camp vacations. But if the weather turns bad, don't be shocked if you see a tent village in our backyard!

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