Thursday, July 1, 2010


Here is my update:
Visited my Rheumatologist today and left feeling confident in his care.

The results:
It is very positive that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.
My markers were high...apparently very high.

The good news:
At this time I will only be on two medications that basically don't have side affects.
One of the drugs that would cause me concern (drug #3) he does not recommend yet.
It gives me time to process what might be ahead.
My symptoms are not systematic yet. So hoping that holds off.
A friend read my facebook status one day and challenged me to see a doctor.
I am ahead of the disease at the moment and praying we can remain in a preventative mode!

The bad news:
My symptoms can get worse.
The day I have to start drug #3.

I am thankful my husband walks this path with me.
I am grateful for children that were gracious to a stressed out mom for a couple of days.
I am blessed to have a doctor I like and feel confident in my care.
I am overwhelmed at God's gracious gift of peace in uncertain times.

It has been an eventful day from rescuing a hurt bird, to killing a garden snake, trying to remember how to drive the stick shift (I apparently had forgotten you have to down shift at stops!), to finally talking to a doctor about my next steps. Life will go on! Chaos will continue! And lets just add one more doctor to our list of things to do. goes on! How is your world?

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  1. GLAD to catch up a bit over here. :-) Have missed it. It's crazy here, too. I don't know how to "fix" it, but I know it's what we have at this point and I keep trying to get my peace from the Lord. It's certainly not in our days! Praying for you, Friend! Keep us posted! BTW, my s-i-l has RA and does an unusual treatment - if you are ever interested (I know it's overwhelming!), I'd be happy to get you in touch with her. Happy Wednesday!