Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Real Me

Well, the real me was just beautiful today. *NOT*

Apparently, it wasn't just the kids falling apart but mom too. It's pretty sad when in the first 30 minutes of being awake you are pretty sure you are ready for the day to end. From sad kids, complaining kids, angry kids and top it off with a tired mom, I am pretty sure you get the picture.

It was like we just couldn't get our groove today. NONE of us! Quite possibly I was the worst. I was positive they were all to blame. But after picking up one of my daughters this evening and within 5 minutes she and I were both falling apart. She hadn't even been home all day. I am positive that revealed the real culprit today! *ME*

After about completely losing my mind.
Throwing a tantrum while driving a stick is quite possibly INSANE.
Poor child! I probably frightened her to death.
Saying a quick prayer, pulling off the road, taking a quick breath, and hearing her say "WHAT is wrong?" "You usually handle things better than this." Snapped me back to reality.
She was right! I had completely lost my mind and didn't feel bad letting it fly all over the place.

Some picture of motherhood I was today!

Thankful for the grace of God to step in and let a mom humbly apologize, having a daughter willing to forgive, then having one of our best conversations together.

It is frightening to think how close I came on missing out on a blessing because I was so wrapped up in me that I nearly shoved a daughter away.

God has captured the heart of this young woman. He has had it all along but she is understanding more and more what it means to glorify Him, rest in Him, and eagerly desire His best. This is something a parent can't completely teach. We can point in the direction and hopefully we are living it out. But I can't take credit for what I witnessed tonight. I can just rejoice in the knowledge of knowing her heart is His and she was willing to share what He is doing in her life with me.

From waking up regretting the day ever started to now going to bed thankful I did not miss the end. Resting is all the more sweet tonight seeing your child walk in the hands of Jesus!

"Lord, let me not be a stumbling block keeping my kids from experiencing you. May I always be snapped back to reality and see what you have next! Thank you for children that forgive the REAL ME."

The extra bonus tonight was having two little boys kiss and hug me saying I was the best mom ever! WOW! God CAN cover a multitude of sins. Such a gracious God to allow a mom to hear such sweet words knowing nothing I did today warranted comments like this! Thank you Lord that you do not give us what we deserve! And thank you for always being ready to give us hope, love, and strength for the next thing in our lives!

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