Monday, February 8, 2010

I Miss Surprises

It seems like these days not much catches us off guard. We seem to always know what to expect or warned about what is coming. So to wake up this morning to a beautiful white landscape was incredible because for all we knew this would be a normal day of school and work!

Last week we were warned over and over again about the potential of being shut down for several days. But this time we received no warning and just woke up to work cancelled and some school postponed (lets hear a Thank You MOM!) And for the first time in years my kids get to see REAL snowflakes! Not white covered ice pellets they think is snow. Not dirty slush they think is snow! And not a barely covered yard that melts in 20 minutes snow! They are experiencing the REAL deal, over your shoes, kind of snow! We might even get a foot of snow!

Yep, there will be snowmen built today. Already had a few snowball fights. And I am thinking there will be some sledding done tomorrow. This will definitely be a rememorable winter here in Arkansas.

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