Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun For All Ages

Why haven't I been blogging?
Maybe because we have 2 grandparents + 6 parents + 22 kids (toss in a few friends) = 30 plus living it up in our home!

Life is full and quite entertaining this holiday season. To think it all started back in '84. A church in OKC needing a youth minister and then this amazing family with 2 children came and changed all our lives.

There is just no one like the Gibson's! We aren't officially related but we all feel related! The kids consider each other cousins and we play hard when we are together. I am thankful my parents who unofficially adopted them so many years ago. Because 30 plus years later, a few vacations here or there, some weddings and about 24 kids later, our homes are filled with laughter and fun.

We cherish the moments we can gather together and keep the memories coming. Its worth the insane amount of food we have to buy. (pictures to be posted later) There are bodies all over the place in our home. From 18 months to college kids we have somehow found a pillow, a blanket and a spot to lay! To watch this group of kids enjoy each other with such a variety of ages is such a JOY!

I am off to catch a few zzzz's before the morning food call comes. Pretty sure a picture posting of 60 shoes sitting by my door is needed! Pictures coming soon!

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  1. LOVE THIS!! I am just now getting caught up on your posts again, I enjoy them SO much!! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and are still getting to celebrate with so many loved ones!! Love you guys and tell everyone we said HI!!!