Tuesday, November 10, 2009

They Don't See It

Something sweet about a teenage boy who recognizes this invisible mom!

Son comes into the room and plops himself on my bed, "Mom, whats the plan tomorrow?"

I proceed with the things that have to be done...college student to work, T.V. repair guy comes, wash clothes for 1/2 the family, pack 9 people for trip to Texas, hair cuts for 6 boys, tennis, pay a few bills, and church!

His reply, "That's it?"

My reply, "THAT's it?!"
(You know we have been way too busy if he thinks that list isn't much!)

I was then glad to see his next response.

"Mom, its okay."

"That isn't much for me because I'm not doing it all like you are!"

Can I just say he made my day!

There are days I am frazzled and baffled at why the rest of the family is not slightly freaked like I am about things that need to get done. He just said it! When I list off or announce what needs to be done. They only hear the portion that applies to them.

I was thankful to hear, just one time, that this son got how busy his mom is THIS TIME!


  1. That's sweet! And tells you what a great job you are doing!
    My favorite is when the Coach says, "It'll get done." And I'm thinking, "Yeah. Because I'll do it!". Things don't just GET done. But God's grace is sufficient.

  2. I just told Barry last night I was seeing all the things that aren't getting done (because there is only 1 of me) and God spokely softly to me about what WAS getting done. It was like Brandon's comment was a reminder of what God had revealed to me earlier. I need those little reminders...often!