Monday, November 9, 2009

Attitudes Are Not So Great Today

I hate watching sour attitudes! Pretty much gets the best of me when I see all the other pain and suffering that others endure. And right now I am having a few children that are bent on complaining and grumbling!

As a tired worn out mom I want to ignore and just push that problem out the door. The result....that problem keeps walking right back in!

Before I get to the business of correcting, teaching and discipling I figure I better get my head straight so we can tackle this with the perfect precision! Mostly with God's help or this mom might just explode on these dear children.

I figure....

There is too much to do to be side tracked with complaints.
We are way too blessed to be grumbling.
And life is too short to not have joy!

Once again mom will set her reactions aside and walk these children back to proper responses with Gods help.

With God......

We can forgive those siblings that infringe on their freedom and rights (they assume they have).
We can watch and control our tongues as we speak and share our thoughts.
We can find JOY in all circumstances whether we think they are fun or not!

No time for the weary! Lessons need to be taught, piles of laundry to be washed, dinner to be planned and once again I am doing the van shuffle! This mom will find JOY in ALL circumstances whether dealing with complaining children or rushing out the door just one more time!

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