Monday, October 19, 2009

A List or Two

I can't believe how I used to get sad at how long the weeks were when I had lots of little ones at home. NOW, with teens, I can't believe how fast my week is gone! Got up this morning and looked at the calendar and it might as well be Friday! There isn't one empty spot in the entire week!

I keep looking for my moment to sit and really get organized. Guessing I should face the fact, "it ain't gonna happen!"

So, I decided to take a moment at a time and get my organizational hat on. Time to get on top of stuff vs being dragged around.

First up, getting this messy house in ship shape! I am getting really tired of the trash and grime that lives here. This is my first time with a college student, 3 teens, a preteen, 2 grade school, a toddler, and 4 people working. That is one active house with no signs of slowing down (figure this stage is here for awhile)! Now how do you get this group working as a team vs a bunch of individuals running in and out?

List....I tell you...list!

They may hate it but I am gonna post the LIST! I don't have enough brain power to remember who is doing what, or who was SUPPOSED to do what/when. Thank goodness for the invention of paper, pen and tape. I did it in Texas and 3 1/2 years later we are bringing it to Arkansas!

Friends would come over and laugh, but it worked. If you went into our bathroom and closed the door you would find an interesting list of how to clean a bathroom. I find the kids might not like to help but once they get going (when they know what to do) they do a great job. The problem is nobody wants to use their own brain to remember, figure out, or think of the next step. So, MOM is gonna help! Since I am getting tired of using my own brain to figure out what they have or have not done I have decided the list is the best approach. They get tired of mom nagging or talking. With the list it is there in black and white! You either did or did not do the work! (It's you, the Lord and the list!)

This post is coming to an end so mom can create a helpful suggestion list - from bathrooms - kitchen, or bedrooms - laundry room. If you come by our house in the near future, you will probably find an interesting list or two on the wall.

If you are a mom of little ones this is still a good approach. The younger they are the shorter the list. But when you have a toddler than can fetch his own diaper and wipes then most definitely our 3 year old can begin to learn the process of cleaning and straightening a room. I always love their little faces as they are so proud of themselves when they KNOW they have done a job well done! Sometimes I think it would be just easier to do it myself than to get the troops involved, but then I wouldn't be doing my job of training them the how to's of household maintenance.

Without anymore delay....
Let the List begin!


  1. I am a list mom myself! My kids have always appreciated that lists lessen the "nag" factor from me. And you are right, it may take them 17 attempts before they can clean a bathroom right, but if you encourage each time, they do get better and better at it! Gotta go...I need to go make a list!

  2. You should post your lists here...maybe I will learn a thing or too to use with my kids!


  3. Ahhhh. LOVE the lists! :-) It's so much more pleasant to say, "Have you checked your room and bedtime lists?" Than to sit and nag them about 10 different things that need to be done at the end of the day. :-) And doing them on the computer with fun fonts (and print letters for little ones who are learning to read) and colors is a big help! NOW I'm going to have to do the "How to Clean. . . " lists - what a great idea!