Monday, October 5, 2009

Got Teens? Did You Listen?

Wow! Just got done listening to Family Life Today. Did you listen?

Whether a parent of teen or of toddlers check it out. I have the link in my side bar, click on "Quest For Freedom" and play today's radio program.

I am definitely encouraged. I am ready for the challenge. Now having 4 teens in our home I can see what they are talking about is so true. Teens have an addiction and they are on a quest to fulfill that addiction.

Do you know what it is? (click on the link "Quest for Freedom" to find out)

As I listen to this I realize that each of my teens has an addiction and ones addiction does not look the same as the other. Here we go again back to having to be wise parents and adjust to the uniqueness that God has created in each of them. It is almost as specific as their personalities or their love language.

Do you know what your teens addiction is?

And, YES, even good kids have addictions. I have heard it shared several times that science has confirmed that their brains are not fully developed until their mid 20's. Until that time they are relying on their emotions to fill in the blank. NO WONDER teens are so passionate!!!!!

Do you have a passionate teen?

So here we have it, there will be tension in the home between parents and teens. How do we as parents keep the tension at a manageable level? If you think of fishing, the expert I am *snicker*, you are always having to let out the line and then bring it in. Freedom needs to be earned and as parents we need to help them in that process while their brains are still developing. A couple of great books that have helped me wrap my brain around this somewhat are "Grace-Based Parenting" and "The Paradox Principles of Parenting". Both books firmly state how we need to be parenting the way God parents us. God is our picture of how this is done. Praise the Lord we are not left with this task to do alone.

How is the tension in your home with your teen?

Are you being a parent to your teen or a friend?

Teens need a parents help, not a friends. Friends can comfort and share in similarities of their lives but our kids need parents. There are times we will just have to show tough love and I believe they want it (from personal experience...although they do make me doubt that many times). They will never tell you that!!! They hate to give us more power...LOL

They and we, forget we have the power already. God has given us an amazing task of influencing these upcoming adults. It is time we do our role with a purpose and not be dragged around. To the already tired parent it is so helpful to hear messages like what was shared today on Family Life Radio to give me that extra little boost to complete my role in 'my' teens life.

They share an interview with Paris Hilton and her comment on what happened to her.

Do you know what TMTS stands for? Listen to the link above. Very insightful!

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  1. I am going to sit at your feet and soak up all the wisdom I can, because my time is right around the corner. I love the new decor!