Friday, October 2, 2009

Camping....Time To Go!

What a beautiful day today with the cool crisp air, nice breeze in the afternoon, and the sound of children LOVING the outdoors. The kids went outside first thing this morning and I let them stay there. One of the biggest JOYS of homeschooling is to take a day off for good weather instead of bad. Its days like this that bring unbelievable joy to a moms heart!

Children using their imaginations instead of zombies in front of the T.V. The only thought that keeps running through my head is camping, camping, camping! With out a doubt there is no greater activity for a family. We have never been able to plan vacations like Disney, beach, or snow skiing. But even with limited resources God has provided a world full of activity that won't make you broke in the process! I am always amazed at how camping is enjoyed by ALL ages! If you have not gone camping, it is time to get your adventure side going...GO!

We haven't been in nearly a year and I hope we get the chance to go this season! Until that time arises we shall make the most of any given opportunity to camp. We have put up the pop up camper in the backyard, the fire pit is roasting marsh mellows, sleeping bags and hot chocolate ready for the morning! Not as wonderful as a real camping trip but memorable none the less for our younger kids!

Pulled a few memories of the past.....
This child is still as happy today as he was at 4 months.

Can you imagine the FUN he would have now?

Here is a series that just cracks us up!

This little guy hollers out to dad....

"Look, I am standing on a tree!"

"No hands"

"Dad, I'm cracking!!!"

(the stump was full of rotten wood, leaves and rocks)

haha...maybe I am okay! is definitely time to make more memories!
I challenge you to grab another family
and create some memories that your family will not forget!

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  1. Love it! The Coach, his brother and brother-in-law take the kids every year. Last year the three dads had 19 kids with them! Wonderful memories. :-)