Friday, September 4, 2009

High School kids and their school.....

I am sitting here waiting on laundry
and listening to some college kids enjoy their evening.
So I decided to finish my school post.
I would really like to go to bed but waiting on my sons laundry to finish
since he may be playing in a tennis tournament tomorrow. Pretty sure I asked for that to be done earlier. Oh well....the life of a mom...finishing up what everyone else doesn't complete...LOL
At least it is late at night and I have no little ones at my feet whining!

Here goes the rest....

7th-12th grade will work 5 days a week somewhere around 5 hours a day on a 9 week term. Their school doesn't seem to need to swith up much. They run pretty much on their own seeking help when needed. Not a lot of adjustment at this age. They just need to figure it out and keep on working!

My 8th grader does much of what the other kids do but he works independantly from them. He goes deeper in their subjects and manages his school work well. His work will be a mixture of computer and books. I try to be available during naptime/restime but often this doesn't work. Usually his help will come at the end of the day or at a split second notice from me.

Math - Teaching Textbook (at this age it won't grade for them but it gives me the answer key and CD's with the solutions!) My favorite part is the solution CD's. If I can't help him within minutes we dig out the solution CD so mom can move on to the other kids and things that are screaming.

Language Arts - this would be just like the other grades and we do Switched on Schoolhouse which is on the computer. (SOS) explanation in previous post :D

Science - this age we definitely do science. We use Apologia it! The first year or two is done at home with me and then my highschoolers take their science through Academy where they can get some real lab experience with friends...more fun for them and more freedom for mom! Academy is a one day class offered to homeschoolers and then their work is done at home. They work on their own with mom spot checking. I allow them to pace themselves but I regain control if they get off. I print off a suggested timeline that is taped in the front of their book. I do not let this age get too far behind. Lesson learned with our graduate. (she was a strong willed one.....most defintely another post...LOL)

History - Last year was done on SOS but this year to keep things simple I have moved him to The Mystery of History (better explanation in previous posts) Same as scienc,e I allow him to work on his own with mom spot checking.

Writing - I have passed this onto his dad to do:D We shall see. If not we shall catch this next life is full! I do ask him to journal and do as the other kids. (better explanation in previous post what I do with the other kids) We will be asking him to do book reports although I fall sadly behind in this.

I figure last year was spent graduating our first...we got that done.
This year I am playing catch up with my younger ones since I avoided their reading last year. Next year I will work with what I left off with this age group.....LOL It is all about juggling!

Drivers Ed and Tennis- yes, I will have yet another teen driver. This one will make 3 drivers! So far no car for any of them. Still praying and hoping God provides...we are learning to be thankful we have at least one great car. Barry has a truck but so far the rest of us have not gotten to learn to drive a stick shift. (I wonder if that is his plan...LOL) You can see 3 teens working and one mom would be the explanation for countless hours in the car shuffling them to their jobs (which all 3 are entirely in different directions!), not too mention all the tennis for 6 kids. Their coaches are so fantastic it really is worth the work to get there! If you are interested in tennis I highly recommend them!!!!!!!!! We do see tennis as a means to possible college scholarships, and they enjoy it, so we make it work!

Here is our 11th Grader she will be getting the majority of her school through Academy. The only thing I will have her do this year with me is math and writing (with her dad). At this age....their work just doesn't look the same. They move at different paces and they have different interests.
Math will be Teaching Textbook
Writing you will have to check with Barry:D

There you go a peek into our school.
We still have very few days that ever look alike. Although we are starting to get into a routine somewhat. There are still a few things I need to figure out and tweak but we are well on our way with 2009-2010.
Good luck with your High Schooler. Enjoy the moments you have they are gone in a blink! I do have to say I LOVE having a graduate!!!! Look forward to many more!
YES...the laundry is done...this mom can go to bed!

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  1. Love the peek into school. I admire you so much! I know it goes fast - I'm trying to remember that. :-) Why is it that we are always up waiting for the laundry to finish? It's PE/volleyball/football clothes at our house. Ha~